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What's your story? Okay, I'll go first...

I'm Eric Smith. I’m an independent writer and editor serving professional clients and organizations.


I’m a storyteller and communicator, which means that it’s my job to help people understand Who You Are, and What You Do.


You may be a business, or a nonprofit, or just an individual with a passion project. In any case, we can work together to create a narrative that connects the dots between your service offering and the impact it can have for your clients.

I started my writing career in 2010, working on grants and brand copy for cultural nonprofits. Over the years I’ve worked on social media campaigns, print advertising, and academic publications. I attended graduate school at California State University Northridge, where I taught university-level writing and earned my MA in English Pedagogy and Creative Writing.


I started my personal copywriting service, Words by Smith, as a way of pursuing new projects and helping others to tell their stories.


As an independent professional, I am the secret ingredient in the service I offer. When you work with me, you’re not working with an automated service or an agency that delegates tasks to its interns. When you hire me to do a job, I’m the one who does the work.


That’s my story in a nutshell. Now what’s yours?

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